Pet Shop Facts Sheets & Videos

Pets R Us Raymond Terrace is one of the largest pet shop warehouses in the Hunter Valley.

Come and meet our friendly staff and see our huge range of pet food and supplies.

You may think that all dog and cat food is the same, but ROYAL CANIN® we understand that every dog and cat has very unique nutritional needs.

Tumbler is a treat puzzle slow-feed dog toy! Stimulates your dogs mind all while filling his tummy with dry food or treats. There are 3 adjustable release rates for different levels of learning. Choose from our 5 Rogzilicious colours in one size.

How to setup your Krabooz Base Kit.

Time to kick those refined sugars to the curb! Converting your Lorikeet from a high refined sugar diet, to a formula with no refined sugar is simple, just watch our video to find out how.

Rabbits have a unique digestive system, so it is important to provide them with a perfectly balanced diet. Vetafarm makes it easy with our Rabbit Origins – a veterinary designed diet made from fresh Australian ingredients, perfect in conjunction with high fibre fescue hay.

How to use Catmate Sieve litter trays

Vetafarm’s overview of Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) in Lizards.

NexGard Spectra